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Disable autocomplete in Simulink dialogs

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Carl Banks
Carl Banks el 16 de Jun. de 2022
Respondida: T.Nikhil kumar el 17 de Oct. de 2023
How do you turn this off:
I actually clear my workspace, clear my path, and change to a neutral directory when I'm editing parameter because this is so annoying.
For that matter it'd be nice if someone knows a way to turn off other autocompetes as well. Not just in Matlab, like everywhere. I can't imagine how anyone thinks it's a good idea to pop up a window ia user they didn't ask for that obscures the whole panel/dialog/text/whatever they're working on. Awful UI design.
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Paul el 16 de Jun. de 2022
Agree 1000%. I find this "feature" incredibly annoying. If you find a solution, please post back with an Answer.

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T.Nikhil kumar
T.Nikhil kumar el 17 de Oct. de 2023
Hello Carl,
I understand that you want to disable autocomplete in Block Parameters Dialog box for a Simulink Block and in MATLAB Editor.
Unfortunately, Simulink doesn't offer an option to disable autocomplete suggestions in the block parameters dialog box.
You can customize the autocomplete preference in MATLAB Editor though. You can disable autocomplete suggestions by selecting "Preferences" in the “Environment” section under "Home" toolstrip, and then navigating to the "Editor/Debugger" sub-section under “MATLAB” section. From there, you can find the "Automatic Completions" settings and adjust them according to your preference. Refer to the image below:
You can also go to the “Simulink” section to view current “Preferences” and perform any customizations there if required.
Refer to the following documentation to learn more about setting preferences for Simulink Editor and Model Files.


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