Run two scripts at the same time

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Miguel Albuquerque
Miguel Albuquerque on 21 Jun 2022
Hey guys, thanks in advance.
I am using LimeSDR to receive samples in two different channels. In one script I am receiving in one channel. And on the other script I am receiving in another channel. I need to run this scripts simultaneously and only stop when I want, and when I stop I would want to save the samples in two different files with time of the samples( the hour, minute and second) it started receiving and stopped receiving). I dont know how can I do that. Thanks a lot.
The code I have, does the reception of the samples in one script, but I want in different scripts, and add the code I refered. Thank you
% Start the module
fprintf('Start of LimeSDR\n');
% Receive samples on RX0 channel
indRx = 1;
[samples, ~, samplesLength] = dev.receive(Fs*Ts,0);
bufferRx(indRx:indRx+samplesLength-1) = samples;
% Receive samples on RX1 channel
indRx1 = 1; % index of the last received sample
[samples1, ~, samplesLength1] = dev.receive(Fs*Ts,1);
bufferRx1(indRx1:indRx1+samplesLength1-1) = samples1;
% Cleanup and shutdown by stopping the RX stream and having MATLAB delete the handle object.
clear dev;
fprintf('Stop of LimeSDR\n');

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