How to overlay a surf plot with a 2D matrix

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Hi all,
I have a 3D matrix (300x178x125) describing the surface of a glacier, which is plotted with the slice command:
clear all
length = 50;
c1 = [204, 255, 255]/255;
c2 = [130, 200, 255]/255;
colors_p = [linspace(c1(1),c2(1),length)', linspace(c1(2),c2(2),length)', linspace(c1(3),c2(3),length)'];
glacier = double(squeeze(glacier));
glacier(glacier==0)=nan; % added line
h = slice(realx,realy,realz,glacier, [], [], 1:size(glacier,1));
set(h, 'EdgeColor','none', 'FaceColor','interp', 'FaceLighting','gouraud')
xlim([1000 3000])
ylim([0 6000])
zlim([0 125])
caxis([0 40])
daspect([0.5 1 0.1])
set(gcf, 'color', 'white')
which then looks like this:
I now want to overlay a 2D matrix (300x178) on the surface of the glacier:
How can I overlay the 2D matrix on top of the glacier surface with 0 put to transparant?
Thanks already
Yoni Verhaegen -WE-1718-
Yoni Verhaegen -WE-1718- on 25 Jun 2022
@Adam Danz Yes that is correct! I added the corresponding matrices in attachment in case this would make my question clearer. The matrix h_deb is what I would like to show on top of the glacier surface.

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