Find the maximum of matrix and represent in plots

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Hey guys, thanks in advance,
I have this code that correlates in time two signals. These correlation is made in a matrix 3199 x 400. The 3199 values are the values of the signals in frequency, and 400 values are positions of a plane, and the values of the signal are different for each column.
I have this example that present the maximum correlation for 1 column(184,85). Made with this code:
maxValue = max(range_compressed_matrix(:));
[rows, columns] = find(range_compressed_matrix == maxValue);
x_max = waypoints(columns);
y_max = time_compression_cut(rows);
y_max= y_max*c;
% Plot the maximum of range compression
hold on
title('Range Compressed Data');
xlabel('Waypoints (m)');
ylabel('Range (m)');
textString3 = sprintf('(%u,%3.f)',x_max, y_max);
text(x_max, y_max,textString3,"Color",'b','FontSize',10);
hold off
shading interp;
My question is, if I have range_compressed_matrix all filled with values, How can I do the same code, so that I can see the maximum value of correlation for all the columns, and representing the value without make a figure too filled with values all across the place.
Basically I want to get the same I did in the figure, but for all the columns, and represent its values,

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