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Hello everyone, i want to load this 3 set of data files into matlab using for loop but it is not working for me. Any help...............
clear all;
close all;
datafile={'data1.mat' 'data2.mat' 'data3.mat'};
for sno=1:num_schemes
files = char(data(sno));
load files

Accepted Answer

Stephen on 7 Feb 2015
Edited: Stephen on 16 Mar 2021
You are getting confused between the command syntax and the function syntax. In particular you are trying to use the command syntax with a variable named files, which will never work as the line of code
load files
is interpreted as
Where 'files' is treated as a string, not a variable. This is specifically explained in the load documentation: Do not use command form when any of the inputs, such as filename, are variables. The easiest solution is do not use the command syntax in your code, only use the function syntax and then you will never face this problem again. Try this instead:
filenames = {'data1.mat','data2.mat','data3.mat'};
for kk = 1:numel(filenames)
S = load(filenames{kk}) % Best to load into an output variable.
Also note that I fixed the cell array indexing to use the correct {} braces , removed the char operation which is completely unnecessary as the contents of the cell array filenames are already of class character, and for robustness loaded the file data into an output variable (which is a scalar structure).

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ELCIO S on 30 Oct 2018
What about if I have many files with different names? How can I do to load all of them?
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Stephen on 30 Oct 2018
"What about if I have many files with different names? How can I do to load all of them?"

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