If for loop repeated itself many times, can I plot what calculated inside for loop in ONE CURVE ?

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I tried to plot " x " via putting the plot inside for loop I got the plot of " x " from 1 : 20, But when the for loop repeated itself the x is plotted again from 1: 20 as second curve, while I want to let the first curve continoue in plotting the " x " even if the for loop ended and repeat itself.
Now, my question, can I plot " x " that calculated inside for loop that repeated itself more than one time in ONE CURVE,for example if for loop repeated itself two times , I want the plot show me one curve from 1 up to 40 ?
Thanks in advance
while 1
for i=1:20

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 31 Jul 2022
I suggest you use animatedline() and addpoints() . You would need to keep track of your independent coordinate, such as
L = animatedline();
N = 20;
start = 1;
while 1
for i = 1 : N;
x(i) = something;
t = start : start + N - 1;
addpoints(t, x);
start = start + N;
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omar th
omar th on 2 Aug 2022
First thank you for your reply, but this way didn't work, I think due to there is another calculations related to x out of while loop. Is there another way ?

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