Solving a equation from excel.

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Vishnuvardhan Naidu Tanga
Vishnuvardhan Naidu Tanga el 19 de Ag. de 2022
Comentada: Vishnuvardhan Naidu Tanga el 22 de Ag. de 2022
Hello everyone,
I am trying to solve a equation and integration from a excel data. But I am getting an error in solving the equation.
The equation is (according to excel namings): XD60^2+U_prime^2-{(V_prime^2+W_prime^2)/2}.
This equation i need to integrate. Can someone help me in solving this. I have tried using the following code is as follows
[num data raw] = xlsread('Matlab_trail.xlsx');
for i=1:size(num,2)
% Num{i} = num(:,i)(~isnan(num(:,i)));
Col = num(:,i);
Num{i} = Col(~isnan(Col));
A1 = pi*Num{1}.^2*1.225;
Q1 = A1.*Num{2}.^2;
Int1 = cumtrapz(A1, Num{2}.^2);
A2 = 2*pi*1.225*Num{3};
Q1 = Num{2}.^2+Num{4}.^2-{Num{6}.^2+Num{8}.^2}./2;
Int2 = cumtrapz(A2, Q1);
plot(Num{1}, Int1, 'linewidth', 2);
hold on
plot(num(:,1), Int2, 'linewidth', 2);
hold off

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dpb el 19 de Ag. de 2022
Going at it hard way...first, just read the data as a table and can keep the variables as identified already...
>> tTrail=readtable('Matlab_trail.xlsx');
>> head(tTrail,3)
ans =
3×8 table
R XD60 XD U_prime XD_1 V_prime XD_2 W_prime
__________ ______ _________ _______ _________ _______ __________ _______
0 2.6909 0 0.24286 0.0015318 0.18446 0.00030059 0.18852
0.00038442 2.6851 0.0040551 0.24391 0.005111 0.18542 0.0038698 0.18833
0.0017053 2.6794 0.0076322 0.24468 0.0086903 0.18591 0.0074389 0.18858
Then, use MATLAB vector syntax...
Follow on with the next steps as you know the values you're trying to compute better than we can read the (nonworking) code.
The expression
can also be written as
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dpb el 22 de Ag. de 2022
Editada: dpb el 22 de Ag. de 2022
What does the result of head(tTrail,3) like I showed above return? It worked as shown here with the sample file.
Post the code as you ran it and the error in context; SOMETHING is different, but we can't see what...
Vishnuvardhan Naidu Tanga
Vishnuvardhan Naidu Tanga el 22 de Ag. de 2022
Hello @dpb
i have found an other way to do the equation. Thank you for the help.

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