How to assign the first element of each cell in a cell aray using a matrix

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I have a cell array A with size m x n, where each cell contains a vector of random size. Now I would like to assign the first element of a cell using a matrix B of size m x n. I tried with
B = num2cell(B);
A{:,1} = B{:};
However, the complier complains that "Consider using comma-separated list assignment.".
Is there a way to achieve this goal?
Thank you very much!

Answers (1)

David Hill
David Hill on 23 Aug 2022
for k=1:10
for m=1:20
A{k,m}=randi(10,1,randi(15));%generate sample A cell array
for k=1:numel(A)
B(k)=A{k}(1);%assign first element of arrays in A to B.


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