Displaying 3D data with adjusted transparency values in Matlab

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I have a 3D matrix of size 300x178x124 that I plot using the slice command:
diff = double(squeeze(glacier));
h = slice(realx,realy,realz,diff, [], [], 1:size(diff,1));
set(h, 'EdgeColor','none', 'FaceColor','interp', 'FaceLighting','gouraud')
caxis([0 5])
shading interp
daspect([0.5 1 .2])
I was wondering if it is possible to
(a) add transparency based upon the value of the 3D matrix, e.g. value of 0 in "diff" is 100% transparency while the maximum value of "diff" is displayed using 0% transparency.
(b) is there a way to visually improve the 3D presentation? It seems to me that the data display is rather patchy and does not really look that nice.

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