Extreme delays when creating parpool in newer releases

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I am trying to do some parallel processing and have run into issues when creating the worker pool. When I run the parpool command, even with only 1 worker specified, it will give the message "Starting parallel pool (parpool) using the 'local' profile ...", and then stall. I have waited a couple hours and it still does not complete the process or return an error. Interestingly, I have tried the same command on other versions of MATLAB installed on the same computer and was successful. I timed parpool(12) on the three versions I have and got the following results:
2017b: ~35 seconds
2018a: ~80 seconds
2020b: >2 hours
What could be causing this slow down, and how can I fix it?
My machine has: Windows 10; two Xeon e5-2699 processors with 22 cores each; 512 GB of RAM
David K
David K on 8 Sep 2022
Edited: David K on 8 Sep 2022
@Raymond Norris The software is installed locally with a concurrent license server on the network. All versions appear to be using the network license. We've only had the license server less than a year, so this may be my first time attempting parpool while using it.
I'll send support an email with all the info, thanks.

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