Plot imagesc on Discontinuous x-Axis with datenum

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Siegmund el 13 de Sept. de 2022
I have an imagesc to plot with distance on y axis, z in colorbar, and datenum on x axis. Y and Z are in the matrix (120 x 500) and datetime is in seperate vector t (120 x 1).
I have the following code to plot the imagesc and t, but t only covers data between 6am and 6pm.
How could it make a break in the plot with only showing data for 12 hours with then a break in for example dashed line?
Also, could it be possible to only show the day with the start time and end time (so no label for every xtick)?
tnum = datenum(t);
imagesc(D', 'Interpolation', 'bilinear', 'XData', tnum);
set(gca, 'YDir', 'normal');
datetick('x', 'HH:MM', 'keepticks')
set(gca, 'XTickLabelRotation', 45)

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