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S-Param testbench bandwidth spectrum output doesn't match element plot

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I modified this Chebyshev example, replacing the filter with an RLCG transmission line.
I essentially didn't change any of the S-param testbench settings.
First question:
The spectrum output (above) is flat and does not match the s-parameter plot from the RLCG visualization tab (below).
The spectrum amplitudes seem to capture either minimums or maximum values but not the reflection oscillations. Why? I've played with several settings and cannot seem to fix this. It appears to be a resolution or sample size problem.
My goal is to use the testbench to measure s-parameters from any two ports in a complex network of transmission lines like the example below:
2nd question:
The testbench prevents the ability to see extended bandwidths. I'd like to see 1MHz-30MHz.
This appears to be impossible since the testbench asks for a an "input frequency" (center freq) and a "baseband bandwidth". (unlike the actual testbench in my lab that asks for a start and stop frequency). But baseband bw cannot be greater than input freq, because you get this error:
This error makes sense. But is there a way to see a band like 1MHz-30MHz without looped simulations? Perhaps the testbench is a poor way to achieve my goal. Thank you!

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