Undefined function 'publish' for input arguments of type 'struct' [MATLAB APP Standalone]

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I am facing the below mentioned error when I am using Standalone application created for MATLAB App. It works fine when I run my MATLAB app.
Following piece of code i have written
options.format = 'html';
options.createThumbnail = false;
options.showCode = false;
options.evalCode = true;
options.useNewFigure = false;
options.catchError = true;
options.outputDir = subdir;
app.path = publish('report.mlx',options);
Undefined function 'publish' for input arguments of type 'struct'.
Error in appdesigner.internal.service.AppManagementService/tryCallback (line 181)
Error in matlab.apps.AppBase>@(source,event)tryCallback(appdesigner.internal.service.AppManagementService.instance(),app,callback,requiresEventData,event) (line 37)
Error using matlab.ui.internal.controller.WebMenuController/fireActionEvent (line 67)
Error while evaluating Menu Callback.

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Ankit el 15 de Sept. de 2022
I found out in the following link .exe aus MATLAB code, "publish" function nicht erk - Mein MATLAB Forum - goMatlab.de that MATLAB compiler doesn't support 'publish' function.

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