Readtable .xls error in MacOS

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도연 원 el 23 de Sept. de 2022
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Hi, guys.
I have a trouble with readtable function.
In Mac OS, readtable won't work with .xls file. Matlab shows error message of do I have authorization with accessing the file, or does file really exist.
And just for the record, my Mac's preference setting/ folder and files is all checked status for Matlab, so it is not the problem for accessing the file. and... I am using M1 Pro Macbook 16.
However when I try - I use also windows - readtable, with same .xls file in the windows Matlab, it works problem-free.
And also... When I change .xls file into .xlsx file and readtable in the MacOS, it works.
So... Is Matlab not supporing .xls files to be read in 'readtable' function in MacOS?

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HYEONSEOK SEOK el 23 de Sept. de 2022
I need to know the error text or version when using it.
Possible issues are that xlsread is used(this may not be the case)., the path is set to (\), or it's a MATLAB version issue (under 2014) . Also, there may be cases where the sheet rows are duplicated, so please use .csv if possible.
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도연 원 el 24 de Sept. de 2022
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