Create a new excel file from trimmed data

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Hi there,
I have data of different activities. Each activity is repeted three times. Previously in the code the activities and the respctive three trials of data are manipulated. Once I have finished manipulating the data I wish to save the new version of the activity data in a new folder called TimeSyncData.
I have managed to achieve this, however, the three trials of the activity land up saving in the same excel file but different sheets. Is there a way of saving the different activity trials in different files rather than having them in one file but in different sheets as it is making it difficult to work with.
%% Folder where the time synchronised data will be saved
OutputFolderName = 'TimeSyncData';
if ~exist(OutputFolderName, 'dir')
%creating an excel file with the new time synchronised data contained,
%different sheets are the different trials
for i = 1:sz
T = struct2table(trimmed_sync(i));
writetable(T,strcat(activity,'.xls'),'Sheet',"Trial "+i);
As seen below activity T04A has three trials but saved in three sheets within the same file. I wish to have three seperate excel files T04A, T04A_1, T04A_2 for the different trials instead.
Any advice would be hugely appreciated. If more code is needed to understand what is being asked please let me know.

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dpb on 4 Oct 2022
Moved: dpb on 4 Oct 2022
Shure...just build a file name dynamically somehow instead of incrementing the sheet number as you did.
FILES={'T04A', 'T04A_1', 'T04A_2'};
for i = 1:sz
T = struct2table(trimmed_sync(i));
alexandra ligeti
alexandra ligeti on 7 Oct 2022
Hi, I was able to fix the error.
Thank you very much for the help.

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