MSE and RMSE of vector and Matrix

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Sadiq Akbar
Sadiq Akbar on 11 Oct 2022
Commented: Sadiq Akbar on 12 Oct 2022
I have a vector u=[-30 0 41.721]; and a matrix two=rand(100,3); I want to find the error between the two, square of that error, mean square error and root mean square error for all 100 values. How can I find them. After that I want to plot the error vs ii=1:100, square of error vs ii=1:100 and mean square error vs ii=1:100 and root mean square error vs ii=1:100. I tried like this but it gives error:
clear all
u=[-30 0 41.721];
[m,n] = size(two) ;
Error = abs(u-two) ;
square_Error = abs(u-two).^2 ;
for ii=1:m
MSE(ii) = norm((u-two(ii,:)).^2/m); %MSE = (u-two).^2/m ;
RMSE(ii) = sqrt((u - two(ii,:)).^2/m);

Accepted Answer

DGM on 11 Oct 2022
You're not taking the mean of the row vectors, so the RHS of the assignment is still a vector. Try this:
u = [-30 0 41.721];
two = rand(100,3);
[m,n] = size(two);
MSE = mean((u-two).^2,2);
RMSE = sqrt(MSE);
x = 1:m;

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