How to define an area with 1s to use 'areamat' function

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Anitha Limann
Anitha Limann el 23 de Oct. de 2022
Comentada: Anitha Limann el 23 de Oct. de 2022
I am planning to use areamat function to calculate total area of african continent. I have set of lat lon data (set of data separated with NaN NaN). As areamat function calculate area of the region defined by 1s or zeros i want to say,
for all the values >=min(lon) and >=min(lat) and <=max(lat) and <=max(lat) are
africa = (those values).
i have not use this function before. So i am not sure if I misunderstood this funstion either.
I would truly appreciate if anyone could help me with this funtion and write a condiction as above.
Thank you!!
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Anitha Limann
Anitha Limann el 23 de Oct. de 2022
Hello Thank you for your response.
I do have boundary points along the boundary of the African Continent. I did plot them as below. Now I want to calculate the area defined by these points. My data set is set of points separated by NaN but those sets are unodered.
Could you tell me if you have any method i could use to calculate area?
I tried areaint because these area latitudes and longitueds. But then it calculate only areas defined by each sub-dataset (please see the second image attached here).

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