Unrecognized function or variable 'fairnessMetrics'.

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Dear all,
I want to apply fairness in my models and I got this error:
Unrecognized function or variable 'fairnessMetrics'.
I am using matlab 2021b. I wonder if the issue is the version of my matlab or I need to install something to use this function
Thank you very much

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Bala Tripura Bodapati
Bala Tripura Bodapati el 21 de Nov. de 2022
Hi Esmeralda
It is my understanding that an error is encountered when using 'fairnessMetrics' function in MATLAB R2021b.
'fairnessMetrics' is introduced in MATLAB R2022b, so it will be accessible only in R2022b and future releases.
A possible workaround is to upgrade your MATLAB version to R2022b.
Refer the farinessMetrics documentation for more information.

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