Can we create submatrices of similar elements of matrix.

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I have matrix {'v1' 'e1' 'v2' 'e3' 'v3' 'e4' 'v3' 'e5' 'v4'} and I want to create sub matrices where all vs should go into one matrix and all es should go into another matrix.
Like V = {'v1' 'v2' 'v3' 'v3' 'v4'} and E = {'e1' 'e3' 'e4' 'e5'}
Thanks in advance

Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 31 Dec 2022
VS = {'v1','e1','v2','e3','v3','e4','v3','e5','v4'};
E = VS(startsWith(VS,'e'))
E = 1×4 cell array
{'e1'} {'e3'} {'e4'} {'e5'}
V = VS(startsWith(VS,'v'))
V = 1×5 cell array
{'v1'} {'v2'} {'v3'} {'v3'} {'v4'}

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