Selection of 2 Dimensional variable Parameters in Sensitivity analyzer

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Hi All,
How we can Select Parameters which are not scalar in Sensitivity analyzer.Mine is 2 dimensional array and have four such variables.
first column is time in seconds and second colmn shows the values.
Eg: Cost[60 19.9,120 19.88,....]
i tried the below formats:
Cost.Value[1 1]
but it didnt select the values from the 2 dimensional array.
Kindly help how to specify expression for that.

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Sachin on 16 Feb 2023
Edited: Sachin on 16 Feb 2023
Hi @NN,
As per my understanding, you are facing issue while selecting Parameters in Sensitivity Analyzer. Referring the following information might be of good help to you.
According to your Eg : Cost[60 19.9,120 19.88,....]
Looks like your array is not 2-D . To define Array correctly you need to add a semicolon(;) after 1st row. You need to change comma(,) with semicolon(;).
Correct way to define 2-D Array - Cost[60 19.9 ;120 19.88]
Refer the following page for more information about array and matrix -
You can also check this by generating sample parameter. For example -
R = param.Continuous('R',[60 19.9;120 19.88])
R = Name: 'R' Value: [2×2 double] Minimum: [2×2 double] Maximum: [2×2 double] Free: [2×2 logical] Scale: [2×2 double] Info: [2×2 struct] 1x1 param.Continuous
ans = 2×2
60.0000 19.9000 120.0000 19.8800
ans = 60
ans = logical
For more information Generate Parameter for Sensitivity Analysis, refer to the following page –


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