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How can I create contour on non-regular shape such as maps?

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Behrooz Daneshian
Behrooz Daneshian el 13 de Mzo. de 2023
Respondida: Kausthub el 5 de Sept. de 2023
Hello all,
I have written a code in which the final aim is to provide contour map outlining frost depth on Alaska sate. For each weather station having specific lat. and long., I have estimated the probability that frost depth exceeds 1, 2 ,3, 4, and 5 feet (The first and second columns of "POFDE" are latitude and longitude respectively and columns 3 to 7 are showing the probability that frost depth exceeds 1 to 5 feet respectively) . Hence, I want to draw 5 contour maps, each showing the probabilties exceeding the mentioned depths. To do this, it is required to create a mesh on Alaska map and use scatteredInterpolant function to do interpolation between all existing weather station for which I estimated the probabilities. Can anyone help me in this regard?
In the code below, I created a mesh on a rectangular extending from minimum longitude to maximum longitude in the X direction, and from minimum latitude to maximum latitude in Y direction. However, that would cause to have contour lines in the water which is not acceptable.
Please use 'tl_2018_02_anrc.shp' file located in the shared zip folder for superimposing Alaska map. POFDE is also attached here.
close all
data = cell2mat(POFDE);
%%%%%%generating mesh as query points based on the Alaska bounding box
[lon,lat] = meshgrid(X,Y);
for i = 1:(size(data, 2)-2)
I = scatteredInterpolant(data(:,[1 2]), data(:,i+2));
title(['The probability of frost depth exceedance of \Omega_{\delta} = ' num2str(i) ' feet'])
exportgraphics(gca, sprintf('FrostPlot_%d_feet.png', i))

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Kausthub el 5 de Sept. de 2023
I understand that you want the contor lines only on the land and not in water. There are two possible workarounds:
  • Consider random coordinates provided in the S which can be accessed using S(i).Lat and S(i).Lon for creating “lon” and “lat” instead of using linspace. This will ensure all the points are inside Alaska.
for i = 1:12
idx = randi(size(S(i).Lat),[125,1]);
lon = [lon S(i).Lon(idx)];
lat = [lat S(i).Lat(idx)];
for j = 1:12
arr = S(j).BoundingBox;
arr = reshape(arr',[1,size(arr,1)*size(arr,2)]);
arr(3) = arr(3)-arr(1);
arr(4) = arr(4)-arr(2);
I hope this helps and addresses your question regarding potting contour lines over non-regular shapes like maps!


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