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trainNetwork figure does not show up after few executions of trainNetwork

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On Ubuntu and R2023a (but also previous version), I run trainNetwork on different tasks. And I plot the training progress and get the command prompt output too. But after few runs, MATLAB arbitrarily stops producing the figure. Training still runs but I have no visual inspection. Restarting MATLAB helps, but is annoying because loading the training data takes time.
Any bug fixes?

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Pranjal Saxena
Pranjal Saxena el 18 de Jul. de 2023
Hi Mads,
I understand that while running "trainNetwork" function, the plot is showing updates for the first few iterations and eventually stop updating and freeze.
I would like to suggest you to launch MATLAB from the "Windows Command Prompt" with the "-softwareopenglmesa" flag.
I hope this resolves your query.


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