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Residential Air Source Heat Pump temperature differences

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Ilan el 12 de Sept. de 2023
I try to understand more the example Residential Air Source Heat Pump to be able to model my own heat-pump. However I have an issue with the Condenser : in this heat-exchanger bloc, you can see that the Flow arrangement is selected to be Counter flow. I slightly changed the model to have just a simple steady state, and add sensors almost everywhere.
When you run the model, and you measure the temperatures at each points of the heat exchanger (points 2,3, 22 and 33 you see that the heat-exchanger seems to follow a parallel flow arrangement). And even when you change in the Condenser Block the flow arrangement to be parallele, it has no impact.
However even how the model is construct, the flows seems to be parallel.
So do you have an explanation about this flow arrangement issue ?
Thank you

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