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Residential Air Source Heat Pump - Condenser changed

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Ilan el 12 de Sept. de 2023
Comentada: Yifeng Tang el 14 de Sept. de 2023
I want to replace the geometric model (Condenser Evaporator (TL-2P)) of the condenser with the model which takes the operating conditions as input (System-Level Condenser Evaporator (2P-TL)). To do this, I use the operating results given to me by the Residential Air Source heat Pump model, this time to use them as input into my System-Level Condenser Evaporator (2P-TL) block which replaced the Condenser. I add few sensors to really see what is happening.
Normally, when I replace the geometric block with the exchanger operating block, this should not impact the operation of the heat pump. However, I get completely different behavior from the heat pump. In the case of a steady state, I obtain this enthalpy cycle for the Residential Air Source Heat Pump model:
While I get this cycle with the Condenser block changed to the System-Level Condenser Evaporator block (2P-TL):
Does anyone has an explanation ?
Thank you.
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Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang el 14 de Sept. de 2023
Just a suggestion: put the original heat exchanger and the system-level hex in a test harness, like this one: Use a typical condition from the original model, preferrably steady-state, as the boundary conditions for the reservoirs and flow sources. Then try to match the performance of the two heat exchangers in this setup, before dropping it into the original model.
My experience is that it's definitely possible to create an equivalent model using a system-level block for the geometry-based one. Using the Parameter Estimator App, you can even match the performance for a wide range of operating conditions, so they are REALLY equivalent.

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