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Adding labels to plots with LaTeX syntax

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HC98 el 18 de Sept. de 2023
Respondida: Star Strider el 18 de Sept. de 2023
I was wanting to do something like this
But I'm not sure

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Anton Kogios
Anton Kogios el 18 de Sept. de 2023
Take a look at the text function with the latex interpreter. Here's a working example:
text(pi/2,.9,'$$t = \frac{\pi}{2}$$', ...
'Interpreter','latex', ...
'FontSize',14, ...
There's also the annotation function if you want to add other shapes but that's a bit more complex.

Star Strider
Star Strider el 18 de Sept. de 2023
In the text call, specify 'Interpreter','latex', however the more interesting part of this was (finally) figuring out how to correctly place the annotation objects.
This combines both of them —
x = linspace(-2, 1, 250);
y = 3.5*exp(-(x+1).^2*150);
plot(x, y, '--k')
ylim([-1 4])
yline(0, '-k')
text(0, 3.5, '$\it{t=0}$', 'Interpreter','latex', 'FontSize',15, 'Horiz','center')
text(-1.5, 1.75,'$\alpha\_$', 'Interpreter','latex', 'FontSize',15, 'Horiz','center')
xs = @(x,pos,xlim) pos(3)*(x-min(xl))/diff(xl)+pos(1);
ys = @(y,pos,ylim) pos(4)*(y-min(yl))/diff(yl)+pos(2);
xl = xlim;
yl = ylim;
pos = gca().Position;
xs = @(x,pos,xlim) pos(3)*(x-min(xl))/diff(xl)+pos(1); % 'x' Annotation Position Function
ys = @(y,pos,ylim) pos(4)*(y-min(yl))/diff(yl)+pos(2); % 'y' Annotation Position Function
% Qy = ys([2.5 3.5],pos,ylim)
% Qx = xs([1 1]*-1.5,pos,xlim)
annotation('arrow', xs([-1.5 -1.5],pos,xlim), ys([1.5 0],pos,ylim))
annotation('arrow', xs([-1.5 -1.5],pos,xlim), ys([2.0 3.5],pos,ylim))
I am not certain what the other curves represent, so I did not draw them.


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