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How to modify electrical losses in Motor used in FCEV Reference Application?

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I want to use the FCEV Reference Applicaiton to start to model impact of inverter efficiency. There is no explicit sub-block for the inverter, so I guess some of the inverter parameters are captured in the Motor block. Looking at the Motor parameters in the model (captured below), there is a set of parameters for Electrical Losses. How are these computed, and how do I modify these to reflect a change such as more- or less-efficient inverter?

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Milan Bansal
Milan Bansal el 24 de Dic. de 2023
Hi Mark,
It is my understanding that you want to know how parameters for "Electrical Losses" are computed in the "Motor and Drive (system level)" block are computed and how these parameter affects the efficiency.
According to the documentation of "Motor and Drive (system level)" Block, Electrical Losses can be modelled in simplified as well as tabulated form.
  • In simplified form, electrical losses are a sum of: Losses due to series resistance between DC supply and Motor Drive, fixed converter losses (independent of torque and speed), ohmic losses in copper windings (torque dependent losses) and eddy current losses (speed dependent losses). This is the default behaviour of the "Motor and Drive (system level) block".
  • In tabulated form, tabulated loss values or tabulated efficiency values can be provided as function of motor speed and load torque for all the quadrants that the simulation will run in. More are the losses, lesser will be the efficiency of the motor.
Speed, torque, and external resistance have inverse relationship with the efficiency of motor. Setting higher values for speed, torque and resistance will result in more losses and lower efficiency and vice versa.
Please refer to the documentation to learn more about the Electrical Losses in the "Motor and Drive (system level) block".
Please refer to the documentation for an example on FCEV Reference Application.
Hope it helps!


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