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"Maximum variable size allowed on the device is exceeded" error when using internal.s​tats.gpu.p​dist2?

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Hello, I hope you are well. I'm encountering an issue with the pdist2 function on my GPUs. I have both an A6000 with 40 GB of memory and an A100 with 80 GB of memory,
X=single(Dataset(:,[2 4]));
X_CPU = X(1:60000,:);
X_GPU = gpuArray(X_CPU); % Convert data to gpuArray
% Compute pairwise distances more efficiently
D = pdist2(X_GPU, X_GPU, 'squaredeuclidean');
but I'm getting the same error on both devices. the error as shown below
Error using internal.stats.gpu.pdist2 Maximum variable size allowed on the device is exceeded.
Error in gpuArray/pdist2 (line 262) [doTranspose,D] = internal.stats.gpu.pdist2(X.',Y.',dist,additionalArg,smallestLargestFlag,d.AvailableMemory);
How can I solve this error?

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