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Get/set geoglobe view angle

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scivision el 3 de Mayo de 2024
Comentada: Benjamin Lane el 29 de Mayo de 2024 a las 19:28
With non-GeographicAxes, camva() can be used to get/set camera viewing angle. This doesn't seem possible for uifigure+geoglobe figures. Is there a way to at least get the viewing angle? The purpose is to simulate what a camera with a particular lens would see.
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Brahmadev el 15 de Mayo de 2024
If you would like to control the camera viewing angle or zoom level, "camheight" can be used to achieve a similar effect. Could you share a usecase where "camheight" cannot be used?
Benjamin Lane
Benjamin Lane el 29 de Mayo de 2024 a las 19:28
The angular field of view of the camera is not the same thing as the height of the camera. Please see 'camva' and associated documentation for explanaition of what were looking for. The geoglobe does not currently support this functionality, which is unfortunate.

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