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How move selection through a .docx document from Matlab?

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Giuseppe el 10 de Mayo de 2024
Respondida: Giuseppe el 13 de Mayo de 2024
Hello everyone, I've to write a report in MS word from Matlab and I'm using actxserver('Word.Application') and, despite of some material found on the internet, I can't move the selection to a given point of my document. I load a template .docx I subsequently need to modify and interact with.
Here is my MWE (it doesn't work since I am not allowed to upload .docx file)
% Template path
tmpl_path = 'C:\Users\user_name\Desktop\template_report.docx'
% Create a new Word document from the template
word = actxserver('Word.Application'); % it's a Matlab function
doc = word.Documents.Add(tmpl_path);
Tried to use the following command based on this documentation
word.Selection.GoTo(4, 1, [], [])
In the command window I get "ans = Interface.0002095E_0000_0000_C000_000000000046". But in the .docx window the selection is standstill at the beginning of the document
while I need to move it at the beginning of the second section.

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Mario Malic
Mario Malic el 10 de Mayo de 2024
You have mistaken WdGoToItem enumeration, number 4 is for footnote. You need 0 or 11.

Giuseppe el 13 de Mayo de 2024
I managed to solve the issue in different ways:
  1. Method word.Selection.GoTo(1, 1, 4);
  2. Customized function to move selection after a disired word.
%% 1 - Method: word.Selection.GoTo(What, Which, Count, Name)
% Description: move selection to a specific point of the document
% Parameters:
% What: Specifies the type of object to navigate to.
% 1: Navigate based on a numeric position within the document.
% 2: Navigate based on a bookmark within the document.
% 3: Navigate based on a comment within the document.
% 4: Navigate based on a section within the document.
% 5: Navigate based on a table within the document.
% 6: Navigate based on a graphic within the document.
% 7: Navigate based on an equation within the document.
% Which: Specifies the direction of navigation relative to the object specified by What.
% 0: Move to the end of the object.
% 1: Move to the beginning of the object.
% Count: Specifies a count or index that further refines the navigation. The interpretation of this parameter depends on the value of What.
% Name: Specifies additional criteria for the navigation.
% For numeric position (What = 1), Name indicates whether to start from the beginning (1), end (0), or specified character (2).
% For section navigation (What = 4), Name indicates whether to start from the beginning (1), end (0), or first page (2) of the specified section
%% 2 - Customized function
function move_sel(wrd)
% Function to move selection after a desired word
global word;
% Use the Find method to locate the word "Section":
findSec = word.Selection.Find;
findSec.Text = wrd;
if findSec.Found
word.Selection.MoveRight; % Move the cursor to the right of "Section"
word.Selection.TypeParagraph; % Move the cursor to a new line
word.Selection.Style = word.ActiveDocument.Styles.Item('Normal'); % set the desired style


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