How to define range for angle

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farheen asdf
farheen asdf el 28 de Ag. de 2015
Respondida: Star Strider el 28 de Ag. de 2015
I have two angles theta1 and theta2 such that 0<theta1<pi/2 and 0<theta2<pi How do I define these angles in Matlab? I have used theta1=0:pi/2; theta2=0:pi;
but the problem is that further down in the task i need to use (theta1+theta2) which is not possible since by above range theta1 and theta2 have different dimensions.

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Star Strider
Star Strider el 28 de Ag. de 2015
If you want them both to have the same dimensions, use the linspace function:
theta1 = linspace(0, pi/2, 50);
theta2 = linspace(0, pi, 50);
Both of these have the length determined by the third argument (here 50), producing a (1x50) vector for each one.

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