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communicate with extern .dll file

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martijn el 20 de Dic. de 2011
I have .dll file from a programm what you can use to export real time data. I want to get data from this .dll file, there´s a devolepers kit from this programm were there are examples of how you can excess this data.
the file:
I'm trying to load the library using:
in the sflib32.h file is a description of how to use the file:
This module can be used to interface with the DAC740.DLL using run-time linking. Usage: 1. Construct an object of the DAC740 class. 2. Call GetDllInstance to see if the dll was loaded up ok (!NULL means that it was loaded up ok, NULL => error). 3. Call InitDac740 to initialize the library 4. Use any functions as desired 5. Call UnInitDac740 before destroying the object 6. Delete the object.
I'm using matlab r2007b, have little expercience in c++.
First I selected the microsoft visual studio 8 compiler and loaded the library. I'm getting a syntax error in #ifdel/#ifndef.
According the help file you can acces data by using the following command:
Dac740->SFLoadConfig(NULL, CURRENT_DATA)
How can I implemend this function in the h file?
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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind el 20 de Dic. de 2011
Please be more specific. What is the command you use to load the library, and paste the exact error that you receive.

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