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How does one merge two different struct('cd​ata',[],'c​olormap',[​]) arrays for use with the function movie2avi()?

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I have been trying to make an movie using movie2avi() but I want to make the movie from more than one struct('cdata',[],'colormap',[]) array. My attempts to merge two different struct('cdata',[],'colormap',[]) arrays have failed so far.
frames1 = foo1(input);
frames2 = foo2(input);
all_frames = cat(2, frames1, frames2);
movie2avi(all_frames, 'point_set_registration.avi');
The arrays returned by foo1 and foo2 are populated inside foo1 and foo2 using getframe() within a loop. After executing the code above, Matlab does indeed produce an avi file and I do not get any error messages. However, when I play back the resulting avi my code obviously did not do what I wanted it to.
However, when I separately call...
movie2avi(frames1, 'movie1.avi');
% and
movie2avi(frames2, 'movie2.avi');
Then the resulting two videos are correct, except that I want a single avi file instead of two different videos. Basically I want the first half of the video to be made from frames1 and the second half of the video to be made from frames2.
all_frames = cat(2, frames1, frames2);
... is not the proper way to merge two struct('cdata',[],'colormap',[]) arrays for use with movie2avi(). How do I get a single avi video file from two different arrays of the type struct('cdata',[],'colormap',[])?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson el 20 de Sept. de 2015
all_frames = cat(1, frames1(:), frames2(:));

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