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Error when I try to use Code Analyzer suggestions

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Andrew Farsech
Andrew Farsech el 12 de Dic. de 2015
Cerrada: MATLAB Answer Bot el 20 de Ag. de 2021
I get the following warning: INV is slow and inaccurate. Use A\b for INV(A)*b , and b/A for b*INV(A)
the warning happens at at these 3 lines
a = a1 + p1*Z'*inv(f1)*(vt);
p = p1 - p1*Z'*inv(f)*Z*p1;
s(t,:) = v'*inv(f)*v;
I have tried to follow the suggestion without success. Probably I haven't understand the right equivalent syntax.
How I should write these code lines?
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jgg el 12 de Dic. de 2015
It's just a warning; you don't have to fix it. The inv function, as it suggests, is slow and inaccurate. I think if I understand your code properly, the corrected version would be:
a = a1 + ((p1*Z')/f1)*(vt);
p = p1 - ((p1*Z')/f)*Z*p1;
s(t,:) = (v'/f)*v;
If you're getting an error, check the dimensions of the matrices to make sure they align.
Andrew Farsech
Andrew Farsech el 13 de Dic. de 2015
thanks, I know that it's only a warning not an error, the error happened in calculation because I have made a mistake in the attempt to follow the hint.

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