1D Newmark Using Matlab

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nur yusof
nur yusof on 21 Jan 2016
Edited: nur yusof on 21 Jan 2016
I am trying to solve example 5.1 in dynamic structure book by Anil K.Chopra page 168. But, I have a problem with the Matlab coding. Following are my coding:-
gam = 1/2 ;beta = 1/6 ;
%Initial Calculation
u2dot1 = 1/m*(po-k*u0-c*udot0);
% Time step
ti = 0. ;
tf = 4. ;
dt = 0.1 ;
t = ti:dt:tf ;
nt = fix((tf-ti)/dt) ;
kcap = k + gam/(beta*dt)*c + m/(beta*dt^2);
a = m/(beta*dt) + gam*c/beta;
b = 0.5*m/beta + dt*(0.5*gam/beta - 1)*c;
dp = diff(p);
for i = 1:nt
deltaP = dp(i) + a*udot(i) + b*u2dot(i);
du_i = deltaP/kcap;
dudot_i = gam/(beta*dt)*du_i - gam/beta*udot(i) + dt*(1-0.5*gam/beta)*u2dot(i);
du2dot_i = 1/(beta*dt^2)*du_i - 1/(beta*dt)*udot(i) - 0.5/beta*u2dot(i);
u(i+1) = du_i + u(i);
udot(i+1) = dudot_i + udot(i);
u2dot(i+1) = du2dot_i + u2dot(i);
When i run the coding this warning appear
Undefined function or variable 'p'.
Error in (line 25)
dp = diff(p);
Why it happen and how to solve the problem?
Thank you.
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nur yusof
nur yusof on 21 Jan 2016
Sorry.Attached the print screen of the question.
The example must be solved by using Newmark method. Given dt=0.1, m=0.2533, k=10, c=0.1592, u0=0,u0dot=0,p0=0 Hope anyone can help out.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 21 Jan 2016
Poking around it appears likely that you are referring to "Dynamics of Structures: Theory and Application to Earthquake Engineering" by Anil K. Chopra, chapter 5, 5.1 Time-Stepping Methods . However you have not indicated which edition, with 4 known numbered editions, and with one named "International Edition". Or perhaps you are referring to "Dynamics of Structures: A Primer" by Anil K. Chopra, or to "Earthquake Dynamics of Structures: A Primer" by Anil K. Chopra and Barbara Zeiders.
The first of those has the most supporting evidence, but the edition matters because there might have been an error that got corrected in later versions.
Or if they do not give code in the book, then the error is in your introduction of p without defining it.
Have you considered using the implementation in the File Exchange ?

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