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Error while passing data between GUI

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Hello, I have written two GUI,Input data will be given in to one GUI and When i will press SOLVE button it will solve and give the output ,The output will be visible in second GUI when user will click RESULT button.I have written a separate function that will solve the function.In solve button the function is [dia leng peri ]=cal(d,r,x,y,z).HERE d,r,x,y,z are input parameters given in first GUI after solving the outputs are dia,leng, peri .To achieve this i have used setappdata in first GUI and Second GUI getappdata but it gave message undefined function or variable dia.Then i have folowwed another method i.e. set(findobj('tag','red'),'string',num2str(dia));like this separate functions for all where 'red' is the tag of second GUI where red will be displayed,in this method i am getting results sometimes but some times i am not getting any result.
Please tell me how to solve this issue...I have use GUIDE to make GUI

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