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In older versions of Matlab (2014a) when I created multiple plots they appeared one after the other allowing them to be verified briefly before the next appeared. With the new graphics engine (2015a) this is no longer the case, can I get this back?

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I'm often creating many plots with large data sets in Matlab 2015a, my code is such that it creates ~50 plots which allow me to verify the data. With previous versions of Matlab (eg. 2014a) each of these plots would appear one after the other allowing a quick visual verification before the next plot appeared. With the new graphics engine (Matlab 2015a) all the figures are created at the same time and nothing is plotted until the whole process is finished. This then means that I have to close each figure individually before to see all the plots.
I'd like to know if there is anyway to recreate the figure appearance of the older Matlab versions?
I'm using Matlab 2015a on a 64-bit Linux system.
Thanks heaps for your help!

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Mike Garrity
Mike Garrity el 22 de Feb. de 2016
Add some calls to drawnow. Before 2014b, there were a lot of cases where graphics got flushed to the screen as a side effect of their being done on the same thread as your computation. Now that most of the graphics work has moved to its own thread, you won't have as many of what we call "implicit drawnows". You'll need to be a bit more explicit.

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