how to separate/crop certain ROI in my image

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nazreen rusli
nazreen rusli el 10 de Mayo de 2016
Comentada: KSSV el 11 de Mayo de 2016
Hi there,
I have problem with cropping certain ROI in my image...For instance, in my attach file, I have a face image in, what I need to do is crop only on a nose area....what is the built-in function or any sample codes that I can use? I believe many people have done a similar work with me but I couldn't find any of them yet...
Please let me know if anyone knows about it..Thank you in advance

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KSSV el 10 de Mayo de 2016
I = imread('157.png');
[I2, rect] = imcrop(I);

nazreen rusli
nazreen rusli el 11 de Mayo de 2016
Thank you for your answer Dr. However, what i need is I want to crop it automatically... Any idea on what features can I use to identify the nose in the image then automatically crop it...
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KSSV el 11 de Mayo de 2016
Yuu must know the range where your ROI lies and give the range...

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