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can't invoke static methods in Matlab

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wei du
wei du on 20 May 2016
Commented: per isakson on 11 Jun 2016
This is a simple .m file. Saved to "temp.m".
In Matlab 7.12.0 (R2011a), I can just call temp.t0() or temp.t1(), it will print the expected results. But in Matlab It shows this error:
>> temp.t0()
??? The function, script, or class temp
cannot be indexed using {} or . indexing.
Is it because Matlab version is low, and it doesn't support to invoke static methods?
Below is the source code of temp.m
classdef temp
methods (Static)
function [] = t0()
fprintf('function t0\n');
function [] = t1()
fprintf('function t1\n');

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per isakson
per isakson on 11 Jun 2016
AFAIK: The support for classdef first appeared in R2008a

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