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How do you implement a Distributed lag model using fitlm?

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EanX el 26 de Mayo de 2016
Dear All,
I am trying to predict power production of PV generator using a MLR model but using lagged predictors and lagged dependent variable. Suppose my data table (tbl) is:
data Pac Tmod
____________________ ______ ______
01-Sep-2012 05:00:00 6.3 24.555
01-Sep-2012 06:00:00 27.917 28.338
01-Sep-2012 07:00:00 74.833 36.41
Then I construct lagged Pac and Tmod values using:
laggedPac=lagmatrix(tbl.Pac,[1 2]);
tbl=[tbl ,laggedPac ,laggedTmod];
Then I construct a MLR model using fitlm as follow (eventually using also 'RobustOpts'):
lm = fitlm(tbl,'Pac~Tmod+Pac_lg1+Tmod_lg1')
Is this the correct way to implement such a models?

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