Building Isothermal (SimHydraulics) parts in Thermal Fluid domain

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Working on attempting to rebuild existing SimHydraulics models in the thermal liquid domain, which is going to require building certain components from the ground up.
For components with a detailed "under mask" look provided by Mathworks obviously this won't be difficult, however models that are code based this may be tricky without a fairly detailed look at the code used, which I don't expect to get.
Question is this: Has anyone ventured down this road yet with the new thermal liquid domain? If yes, how have you gone about it and have you had any success? Any recommendations?

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Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang on 1 Jul 2022
It's six years later now lol ...
There is a conversion tool for upgrading to the new Isothermal Liquid domain (NOT the one you want).
The reason I mention this is that there is pretty good correspondence between the blocks in the Thermal Liquid domain and the Isothermal Liquid domain. Maybe it'll make your life easier.


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