Bug with Legend object shading being reset during print

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This produces a legend with an interpolated icon to better identify the surface, trivial here, but critical with many surfaces you want to print for publication.
figure(2); clf; Z=peaks; surf(Z); hold on; set(gcf,'PaperPositionMode','auto');
patch([-1; 1; 1; -1;]*25+25, [-1; -1; 1; 1;]*25+25,[1; 1; 1; 1;]+4,'EdgeColor','k','EdgeAlpha',0.6,'FaceAlpha',0.4,'LineStyle','--','FaceColor',[1 0 0])
set(gcf,'Position',[ 13 46 1249 556]); set(gcf,'Color',[1 1 1]);
set(h_icons(3),'CData',[2 -10 2 10],'FaceColor','interp');
print(gcf,'-dpng',[cd '\BAD_flat_legend'],'-r300');
what it's supposed to look like
What actually prints
Curtis on 22 Aug 2016
  1. Were you able to get any output from the code?
  2. If you got the plot did you get interpolated color in the legend?

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