How pca() function works in matlab

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I'm trying to apply pca() function on 3d data, But I'm getting empty COEFF matrix
x1 = randn(400,1);
y1 = randn(400,1);
z1 = randn(400,1);
[COEFF] = pca([x1;y1;z1]')

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Jason Millen
Jason Millen on 16 Aug 2016
Edited: Jason Millen on 16 Aug 2016
The reason you are getting an empty 1200-by-0 matrix is because you are passing a 1-by-1200 matrix to pca.
I believe what you want to do is pass it a 400-by-3 matrix, which can be accomplished with [x1';y1';z1']'. Thus, if you call pca([x1';y1';z1']'), you will get a 3-by-3 coefficient matrix.
If you would like to read up more on the documentation for pca(), you can find it here.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Aug 2016
Ah, you are correct, I missed that.

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