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Where is my mistake in loop?

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Volkan Yangin
Volkan Yangin on 13 Oct 2016
Answered: Adam on 13 Oct 2016
If the gap until more than 0.05 between first and t. value, there must be created a linear change between first and t. value. I am using while and polyfit-polyval commands but i don't understand where is my error May you help me? Note: egimm= -0,012 -0,012 -0,012 -0,012 -0,012 -0,012 -0,012 -0,024 -0,031 -0,027 -0,023 -0,019 -0,028 -0,033 -0,0332 -0,057 -0,060 -0,064 etc.
for t=1:numel(egimm)
while abs(egimm(1)-egimm(t))>0.05;
b=1:(t-1); %line matrix
Volkan Yangin
Volkan Yangin on 13 Oct 2016
MATLAB gives me ''busy'' error and it is not solving for minutes

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Answers (2)

Guillaume on 13 Oct 2016
Not even trying to understand what your code is doing, the problem is obvious
while some condition
do something that does not affect the condition
end %retry until condition changes
is going to run forever

Adam on 13 Oct 2016
busy isn't an error, it just means it is busy working. You can use the pause functionality of the editor if you are using a recent version of Matlab to see where the code is at any given time though.
You don't appear to ever change the variable used in the while test so it will evaluate to the same thing constantly and never terminate.


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