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help to find lithum ion battery model

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ali alsabari
ali alsabari on 11 Nov 2016
Answered: Steve Miller on 31 Jan 2018
can anyone help me with file i couldn't get it through internet because it is by money the file name is simplified simulink file for lithium ion battery shared in this link :

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dpb on 11 Nov 2016'd seem for most Li-ion batteries the best model would approximate a match...

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 31 Jan 2018
You would need to contact Bee Technologies to inquire about purchasing their model. Perhaps they offer discounts for students or startup companies, like MathWorks does.
You could also look at other example models that have similar structures for battery models. Here are some resources.
  1. Overview page: Battery Modeling
  2. Example: Lithium Battery Cell - Two RC-Branch Equivalent Circuit
  3. Example: Lithium-Ion Battery Pack With Fault


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