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MATLAB mech import wont read xaml file format

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Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones on 29 Dec 2016
Commented: Arturo Pino on 6 Sep 2019
Hello. I am using MATLAB r2014a and Solidworks 2016. I have installed the necessary sim mechanics link. When i open solidworks, I can save my parts and assembly as .XAML (extensible application markup language) but not .XML (extensible application language). Everything that I can find online says xaml is still xml just a sub-class of it. However, when i open matlab and use mech import, it says either .xaml file type not supported or .xml file not found depending on which i type in. Is there a way i can use mech import for xaml files?

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Arturo Pino
Arturo Pino on 6 Sep 2019
I have this same exact question, was there ever an answer to this??

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