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KinectFusion offline reconstruction code

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Ngo Nguyen
Ngo Nguyen on 10 Jan 2017
Commented: Ngo Nguyen on 28 Apr 2018
Hello everyone, I am working with the KinectFusion. My question is: Do you have the code so that I can reconstruct the 3D model by given depth images? It means instead of processing the frames by real-time, I would like to capture all the depth image and then process frame-by-frame (offline reconstruction).
Thank you very much. Nguyen
xiaofa zhou
xiaofa zhou on 25 Sep 2020
您好 代码能够分享吗?

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 10 Jan 2017
You can use the sensor package to get the data, and you can convert it to point cloud and then you could write the pointcloud to disk. Later (offline) you could read the pointcloud data and process it using the tools in the Computer Vision Toolbox, or other external tools.
Ngo Nguyen
Ngo Nguyen on 28 Apr 2018
Hi Gaurav, I can reconstruct 3D object using MATLAB + CUDA. However, the quality cannot be perfect as in Microsoft SDK. You can leave the message for my page, I will answer if possible: 3D reconstruction

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