How can I disable my PARFOR loops in my MATLAB code such that I can step inside the PARFOR loops when debugging?

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I have MATLAB code that contains a lot of PARFOR loops. I know it is not possible to step inside the PARFOR loops while debugging as they are executing separately.
However, when I close my matlabpool and wish to debug my code inside the PARFOR, I have to manually change the loops to FOR to be able to step inside them, even though without matlabpool the code runs serially.
Can MATLAB be smart to realize when the code is running serially and allow me to step inside PARFOR loops?

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Murugavel Sivagnanam
Murugavel Sivagnanam el 11 de En. de 2011
The ability to step inside PARFOR blocks even when MATLABPOOL is closed is not available in the Parallel Computing Toolbox in MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b).
There are no known workarounds.
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Gauss el 11 de Nov. de 2015
I would also like this feature. When there is no pool open, it should be possible to debug the parfor section without changing it to for. (Often forget to change back to parfor, before submitting it to a cluster later..)
Functions called from a parfor can actually be debugged with no pool open..

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