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Create mean and std dev polygon representation

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Jon Legarreta
Jon Legarreta el 16 de En. de 2017
I'm trying to use a program I found in [1] to get the representation of two crossing constructs at a given angle. The S matrix is a reconstruction performed (the ODF in diffusion imaging) using a given method, while V are the set of sampling points on the unit sphere, and F is a matrix of faces on the unit sphere.
Given that the reconstruction method is influenced by a noise parameter, reconstructions will be different at each run.
I'd like to be able to figure out how to get the mean and the std deviation in S, and be able to plot the mean as done for a single run in the attached program, and add to it the standard deviation of the reconstruction adding a construct with some transparency, as illustrated in the figure attached.
I've built a self contained program (attached) that makes use of [1], but when it comes to computing the mean and the standard deviation and representing them, I don't know how to proceed.
The program uses the MATLAB patch command to generate the polygons, but I am not an expert in 3D visualizations in MATLAB either, so I'd appreciate some help.

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