how to make a code for distributing n different things among r groups such that each group get atleast certain amount?

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if I have 7 machines and I want to distribute them in 3 groups with all possible combinations such that each group has atleast 2 can I code this?

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Guillaume on 24 Jan 2017
Edited: Guillaume on 24 Jan 2017
machines = 1:7;
groupcount = 3;
minmachinepergroup = 2;
minmachines = minmachinepergroup * groupcount;
assert(numel(machines) >= minmachines, 'Not enough to fill the minimum in each goup');
rmachines = machines(randperm(numel(machines))); %randomise the machines
groupdest = [repmat(1:groupcount, 1, minmachinepergroup), randi(groupcount, 1, numel(machines) - minmachines)]; %distribute first the minimum per group, then randomise
groups = accumarray(groupdest(:), rmachines, [], @(v) {v}); %distribute the machines into the groups
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summyia qamar
summyia qamar on 24 Jan 2017
how can I change this?
C = zeros(3^7,7);
t = 0;
for k = 0:(3^7)-1
s = dec2base(k,3,7);
if length(unique(s))==3
t = t+1;
C(t,:) = s-0+1;
C = C(1:t,:);

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