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Error for loop trough cell array

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Andrea Tersigni
Andrea Tersigni on 24 Feb 2017
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
Hello I have this 1x10 cell array named ticker_list: ('GE' 'BAC' 'VALE' 'AMD' 'PFE' 'F' 'INTC' 'NOK' 'BABA' 'UL') and I have to make the for loop through every cell take the data from yahoo finance and plot. When I run the code below i receive an error and the plotting stops at the sixth security. The error is:
if true
for sec = 'ticker_list'
field = 'adj Close';
date_begin = datenum(2012,12,31);
date_end = datenum(2016,12,31);
d = fetch(c,sec,field,date_begin,date_end);
figure('Name','Closing Price');
datetick;title('Closing price');ylabel('USD');
Error using yahoo/fetch (line 387)
Unable to return historical data for given security.
Error in untitled (line 7)
d = fetch(c,sec,field,date_begin,date_end);

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Guillaume on 24 Feb 2017
" the plotting stops at the sixth security"
for sec = 'ticker_list'
iterates over the characters of the char array 'ticker_list' (so sec is at first 't', then 'i', etc.). The sixth character is '_'. I assume that 't', 'i', etc. can be matched to a ticker, but not '_'. Of course, none of this is what you want. I suspect your code should be
for sec = ticker_list %iterate over the columns of the cell array instead of characters of a string
d = fetch(c, sec{1}, field, date_begin, date_end);
Note: Learn to use the debugger. Had you used it and stepped through your code as it executed, you would have noticed the problem immediately.

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